After the heavy demand of Crypto currency in India. Cadbury 5 star invented a unique crypto coin called Nothing coin.Nothing coin can be searched on google with various key terms like: 5star nothing coin, 5star nothing coin price, 5star nothing coin value, 5star nothing coin qr codes, 5star nothing coin bank, 5star nothing coin price in india, 5star nothing coin scanner, 5star nothing coin terms and conditions, 5star nothing coin ad, 5star nothing coin campaign and 5star nothing cryptocurrency


What is NothingCoin?
Nothing Coin is the India's First cryptocurrency, you can start earning nothing coin by mining process.Signup and Login with your mobile number and start mining today.
Can I trade my coin in any other platform like crypto market?
No you cannot trade on other crypto platform.
What is the expiry/validity of a coin?
Nothing coins are valid for lifetime, for more information please refer terms and conditions.
Can the coins be transferable?
Yes coins can be transfered to another wallet only from the exchange office of nothing coin or nothing coin bank
How do I redeem?
On your screen, subsequent to signing in , consistently you will see the wallet button. You can tap on it and land on the reclamation page where you can pick the worth and accomplice according to your accommodation and reclaim.
What is the lifetime cap of coins for a user?
You can earn a maximum of 300 coins! Well, that’s a lot of doing nothing.
What will be the rate of redemption?
With just 3 coins, you’ll earn Rs. 1. Let’s start wishlisting!
How many times can a user start mining in a day?
The client can sign on to the site and begin mining quite a few times he/she needs. However, with more diggers participating simultaneously, the pace of mining NothingCoins may fluctuate. You should return and never really take advantage of it. Occasionally youll mine more, and every so often less.
How can I mine NothingCoins?
Get a pack of 5 Star, filter the QR code on the pack, sign on to the microsite, add subtleties and press the beginning button. Plunk down and sit idle. The more you cool, the more NothingCoins you can mine. You would then be able to utilize those coins to purchase things with our prize accomplices including JioMart and Paytm alongside 5 Star Mall.
Can I access this website on my desktop?
You can access website on mobile as well as on desktop anytime.
Even after trying multiple times, I am not getting the OTP.
Please ensure that your phone is not in the DND (Do not disturb) mode.